Simple and Healthy Nutrition on The Paleo Diet

Just because you are on the paleo diet, that doesn’t mean you can eat like a caveman and simply not pay attention to what you consume. We will still want to make sure we are giving our bodies the proper nutrition it desires and needs to function at an ideal level. Obviously by now, we should all know that it’s not about how many calories we consume, because every calorie is different and affects our bodies in different ways. It’s about the nutrition we give our bodies and making sure it has what it needs.

Your body’s overall health, and whether or not you are trying to gain or lose weight must be taken into the equation as well, otherwise you are going to be in for big trouble! Correct nutrition and proportions can help your body stay clear of countless different diseases that stem from not getting the proper nutrition on the paleo diet. The proper nutrition will include consuming a good variety of different foods, so that your body can reap the health benefits of every food item that it can. When dieting properly, you will give your body balanced nutrition that can help reduce cholesterol, control weight, give you energy throughout the day, lower blood pressure, and give your body more strength!

Preferably, your body will have the proper combination of the following nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates- Remember, be careful when consuming carbohydrates, this can cause your body to intake the wrong amount of carbohydrates than were naturally found in the wild, and it will convert it directly into fat if not used up.
  • Protein- Most of us already know what protein does for our bodies, helps us build and maintain muscle and other important tissues in the body. Be wary though, like carbohydrates, excess protein will convert into fat!
  • Fat- Yes, FAT! Natural fat is not only good for our bodies, but essential! There are two types of fat; saturated and unsaturated. Unsaturated fat is found in the wild and is very good for our bodies (it even helps us burn fat!), but saturated fat has gone through a refinement process and will directly store as fat in our bodies.
  • Vitamins- Vitamins are a very key ingredient in any diet. Different vitamins help with different areas in the body and are very beneficial for our bodies to get proper nutrients it craves, since we can’t always get them in our bodies through traditional foods due to our active lifestyles. For example, vitamins A, C, and E are antioxidants and help prevent coronary artery disease; vitamin B-3 helps detoxify the body; and vitamin B-2 is essential for normal cell growth.
  • Minerals and Trace Elements- Other nutrients your body requires, that typically don’t get talked about in most diets. Minerals like chlorine actually help with your digestive system and phosphorous helps build strong and thick bones. Both of these will naturally be found in the foods we consume daily.

Always remember, when you follow your plan correctly, you don’t need to worry as much as traditional diets do such as calories, eating at specific times, etc. As long as you follow your nutrition plan, keep your diet filled with variety, and exercise regularly, you’ll be healthy as a caveman!

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