Counting Calories, The Paleo Diet Way!

Counting calories on the paleo diet.. If you have ever been on a diet before or even heard of a diet, you know what the phrase counting calories means. You hear it all day don’t you? When you go shopping, the moms are looking at the back of the box of macaroni to see how many calories it contains, and whether or not it will work on her new diet. I used to do it all the time. “Okay so I regular person should consume about 2,000 calories a day, with regular exercise, don’t eat this at this specific time, don’t forget this” etc. Well, one major benefit is we get to throw the age old technique of counting calories OUT THE WINDOW! You will no longer have to check the back of boxes to see how many calories it is, or fill your days with adding up everything you ate so far to make sure you aren’t exceeding your limit. Back in the Caveman Age, do you think they counted calories? Heck no! They didn’t even know what calories were.

Let’s take a trip back in time for just a minute.. If we can assume that back in the paleolithic era, humans as a whole were more healthy from natural foods than most people are today. And back then, they didn’t look at calories, fat consumption, or whether or not they were eating at the right time. We were on a strict hunter gatherer diet. That means, if you were walking with your tribe, and there was a bush of berries, you ate them. If you noticed a school of fish in the shallow water where you were bathing, you caught them and ate them. No, I’m not saying we should start bathing in the river. I’m saying that back in the paleolithic era, we kept things basic. And it worked! Keep to your diet, exercise regularly (it doesn’t take much, just enough to be healthy and in shape), and you’ll be fine. Countless studies have proved it works.

As humans, we tend to try and make things more complex than they need to be, we naturally try and fix something that might not even be broken! The paleo way worked back then, why wouldn’t it work now? Because we don’t hunt our food anymore? That’s not something a little trip to the gym can’t fix!

Alex Jackson, Financial Accountant for Small Business Financing, had this to say about the paleo diet:

The paleo diet works! I’ve been doing it lightly for 5 months now, and I feel as healthy as a caveman! Seriously though, it’s certainly the best diet I have ever been on. I have lost 20 pounds (I have been lifting weights, otherwise I believe I would’ve lost more) and I am in better shape than I have been in my entire life!

Keep in mind when following your diet, try and tweak it to fit the results that YOU want to get. If you want to gain weight and muscle mass, stuff your face! If you are trying to lose weight or tighten up, try going a little lighter on the carbohydrates. With a minor amount of determination, your health results can be yours for the choosing!

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As always, have a healthy day and remember to follow the paleo diet way!

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