Paleo Diet for Weight Loss Myths

Many people have been using the paleo diet for weight loss lately, and there have been some rumors floating around that we should probably clear up. As with any diet, people come up with some different ideas of what can work and what can’t work. Keep in mind, the paleo diet itself along with regular exercise is what will help you lose weight. Some things can help supplement it, but there’s no need to change something that already works!

Rumors Started:

  • Sugar Causes Diabetes- Contrary to popular belief, sugar does not cause diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can evolve from a poor diet, obesity, and lack of regular exercise.
  • Fats Are Bad- Not all fats are bad. Refer to our article Essential Fats in The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss for more information on this. Bad fats would be saturated and trans fats. But polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are good fats and can actually help you shed extra pounds.
  • Brown Sugar is better than White Sugar- Sugar is sugar, no matter what the color. Brown sugar is technically better by a very small fraction. But unless you are eating a wheelbarrow of sugar each day, it is an unnoticeable difference.
  • Brown Eggs are better than White Eggs- Eggs are eggs. Doesn’t matter if they’re brown or white. The calories, cholesterol, and taste is all the same. Only difference is a different type of hen that’s laying the eggs.
  • Take Seafood Out of your Diet to Lower Cholesterol- Dietary cholesterol is not bad for you, it is actually good for you and our bodies require it. Saturated fats are what causes high cholesterol and these are found mainly in packaged products. If you are sticking true to the paleo diet, you probably should not have to even worry about this.
  • Low-Carbs=Weight Loss- Okay so a diet low in carbs isn’t necessarily bad for you, many people are doing it. But lots of people are thinking that if you just cut carbohydrates out of your diet, you will lose weight. A healthy strong diet with a lot of exercise and a supplement or two is what will help you lose weight.
  • Skipping Meals- This is something that’s been very trendy recently with high school kids. Skipping meals does NOT help you lose weight. In fact, it can make you gain weight. When you skip meals, you are depriving your body of nutrients and vitamins it requires to function properly and maintain a certain level of healthiness. When you starve your body, not only are you missing out on essential minerals, but this can also lead to binge eating. Binge eating takes place when you don’t eat, your body lacks nutrition, and you gorge yourself later on. It’s your body’s way of trying to make up for the lost nutrition you deprived it of.
  • Nuts Have Fat in Them, Therefore Nuts Make You Fat- Nuts are healthy, and have a good amount of fat in them. Keep in mind, we require fat to be healthy, in good moderation. Nuts even help lower bad cholesterol in your body and help you further usage of the paleo diet for weight loss.

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Remember, just because someone says it, doesn’t make it true! There are many rumors floating around there, just make sure you do proper research on the information you receive, and you will properly be able to utilize the paleo diet for weight loss!

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