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We all get the occasional stomach bug, whether or not we are trying to lose weight on the paleo diet. When disaster strikes, it is important to be ready. Most people on the paleo diet are averse to taking prescription drugs and over the counter medication unless absolutely necessary. So are there alternatives to these non-paleo supplements? Yes, thankfully there are.  Here are some common ailments and the best paleo remedies for them:

Diarrhea/Upset Stomach:

We all get an upset stomach every once in a while. Whether that’s from bad/expired food, stress, etc. When you’re out and about and your stomach starts acting up, one of the best cures can be consuming a simple banana. Bananas contain simple sugars and starches that have low acidity, which are less likely to upset your stomach than other foods. Other bland foods such as 100% natural applesauce and tea can help you get over an upset stomach.

After Vomiting:

Everyone gets sick on occasion, whether it’s the flu, common cold, etc. Our bodies main way to respond and make us better is by vomiting. This is in the hopes that we get rid of the virus that is in our body causing the sickness, and many times it has positive effects. However, vomiting is bad in the sense that it makes our bodies dehydrated afterwards and short on electrolytes as well as other nutrients. Drinking Gatorade is a common way of dealing with dehydration, but all the sugar and empty calories are very bad for our bodies. Coconut water is high in electrolytes and helps our body replenish lost nutrients such as potassium in a quick-fashion. Blackberry tea is also nice after vomiting due to the fact that it is high in anti-oxidants.

Bloated Stomach/Pains:

If you feel like you’re having trouble digesting and you feel bloated or have stomach cramps, roots are the best way to go. Ginger has been shown to improve the speed of which food healthily digests in your body, helping you pass food more consistently. Peppermint is also very common due to the properties it contains that help dispel gas and relieve overall cramping in the body. Drinking ginger or peppermint (or many other teas) after a big or extra spicy meal can help avoid the risk of indigestion and improve the way your body handles your food. You can also get an all natural peppermint oil capsule for daily use to help improve digestion all-together.

On a different note, Bismuth Subsalicylate- This is something that is not recommended for people using the paleo diet for weight loss, or even on the diet at all. More commonly known as pink bismuth (the active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol), this has been widely accepted to help nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea (did you sing the song in your head too?!). Unfortunately, this ingredient comes with a wide range of side effects ranging from very mild to causing diseases in rare cases. Main side effects include constipation (the main thing it’s SUPPOSED to cure), ringing in the ears, worsened stomach symptoms, and damage to the nervous system. You can read more about the side effects here. We only bring this up to warn other paleo goers against taking the easy way out, all natural all the time (or at least most of the time)!

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We only have three main stomach issues here, so if you think of anything else you need help with, let us know! Our next article will be on the 30-day challenge for using the paleo diet for weight loss; have any of you already tried or completed it successfully, comment below, we’d love to hear!

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