Taking Goji Berry for Paleo Weight Loss

lose weight on the paleo diet

The Tibetan Goji berry  has been widely used for losing weight on the paleo diet due to it’s background in worldwide medicine and the effect it has on overall health and well-being. In this article, we will be covering what effects it has on your diet, as well as other properties it has in overall health.

The goji berry has 4 types of polysaccharides contained within the berry itself that have different anti-aging properties in addition to helping many participants of the paleo diet maintain energy and support health. The polysaccharides it contains help support healthy immune systems and have been found to stimulate the secretion of the HGH (human growth hormone) in our bodies, which is why it is so commonly used as an anti-aging supplement.

Supporting healthy energy through a berry or another superfood is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people following the paleo diet will focus heavily on meats and green vegetables, but will forget to supplement their diet with foods that help with balancing out their systems.

When working on tightening up your abs or toning down those thighs, it is important that you maintain your diet and to add some sort of supplement to your diet to help you with energy, speeding up your metabolism, and overall health. Obviously, the healthier and more energetic you are, the faster your metabolism will work, allowing you to shred extra weight (in and out of the gym) quicker and with less effort!

Goji has been used for centuries now as a nutritious part of diets all around the world, mainly due to it’s anti-aging properties. The reason this berry has always been considered “anti-aging” worldwide is due to the health benefits that are associated with consuming this food; it helps fight diseases in our bodies, increases daily energy, supports HGH, and helps balance our overall daily mood.

In addition to weight loss and anti-aging properties, the goji berry has been known as the most revered sexual tonic herbs in Asian culture and has been shown to increase sexual fluids and enhance fertility (which is can help you lose weight in another way as well!). In different parts of the world it is utilized to help soon-to-be mothers with morning sickness.

Several studies have been done on this berry in the elderly community as well. In one study, the elderly was given goji once a day for three weeks. The results showed 67% of the patients cell transformation functions tripled and the activity of white cell interleukin-2 doubled! On a side note, the ones performing the study noted that all of the patients’ optimism, energy, and activity increased significantly.

The goji berry has absolutely zero toxicity, which allows us to consume it more frequently and move through our system easily. Lately dieters have been taking approximately 20 grams of goji daily as a paleo weight loss supplement, and each client has reported significant results. It is best if used as a supplement within one hour before your workout in order to get a healthy, all natural boost from this superfood.

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