The Paleo 30 Day Challenge for Weight Loss

paleo 30 day challenge

paleo 30 day challenge

The Paleo 30 Day Challenge WORKS!

This isn’t just a diet, this isn’t just another ‘lose it all quick’ scheme, this is the paleo 30 day challenge, and this stuff works! Have you felt like you’ve been packing on the pounds lately? Feeling tired, or unmotivated, with no reason to move forward or progress? Studies have shown over 40% of America has low-motivation, weight issues, depression, and NO IDEA HOW TO CHANGE IT. If you have been at a stand-still with your life, need more motivation, and need to cut off the extra pounds; maybe it is time to consider the challenge. What challenge you ask? The only one that works. The PALEO 30 Day Challenge.

The Paleo Diet is the single-handed fastest growing diet in the United States. This is due to one obvious reason, it works! Living paleo is a way of approaching your diet on the quality of foods that you eat. This mimics the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of our ancient ancestors; consisting of meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries. It excludes anything that came from processing or the agricultural era; including refined sugar, wheat, rice, etc.

The main concept of the paleo 30 day challenge is to take in foods our bodies are genetically adapted to consume and avoid those that cause disease in our bodies. Though our diets and foods have changed over the years, the way our bodies process and handle foods has not. There are many benefits to eating paleo; ranging from a naturally lean body, improved athletics, and almost complete elimination of today’s modern diseases such as different cancers and even acne.

This diet has been growing so quickly, people have been doing 30-Day Challenges to try it out and see the results. The concept of a Paleo 30 Day Challenge is eating 110% paleo every day, for every meal and snack (or at least as close as you can get to 110%). Then after the 30 days, you look at your results and decide where to go from there! From our studies, almost all of our clients that take the challenge end up permanently switching to the diet, due to the intense positive effects it has on their lives.

The Paleo 30 Day Challenge is pretty simple actually, as long as you have the stomach for it (which we already do!). The steps consist of the following:

  • Weigh in before you take the challenge, and again once the 30 Day period is up.
  • Take before and after photos.
  • Log ALL food you intake for the 30 Days.
  • Try to attend a paleo food lecture or paleo coaching session at least once a week.
  • Exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week).

That’s it. Complete those 6 simple steps and take the Paleo 30 Day Challenge, and you are on your way to a thinner, healthier you! I promise, after the month is up, if you don’t feel healthier and stronger, then you cheated. Most people living the paleo life long-term don’t do 100%, the most common is “80% Paleo 100% of The Time”, giving you cheat days on the weekends. However, when deciding to take the challenge, there is NO cheating allowed!

If you do end up succumbing to the dark side, just make sure you log it in your food journal, and try and keep notes about how it made you feel afterwards, if you felt bloated, tired, depressed, etc. This way you can see what type of effect it had on you. Remember, it’s only 30 days. YOU CAN DO IT! If those cravings for sugar come on, just reach for an apple or banana or some type of fruit that can satisfy those cravings, and stay strong!

The first step is to pick yourself up a copy of a good paleo diet cookbook so you can be sure you’re staying paleo! We recommend getting your cookbook HERE because it comes with so many extras and free support! If you decide to take the challenge, we would love to be involved and help you with support. Check out our Facebook page at and comment on our Wall with anything you’d like; before pictures, where you stand on your diet currently, any struggles you need help overcoming, etc. This way you can get support from our entire paleo community!

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If you are unsure of what is quite paleo, check out our page on Paleo Diet Food.

Who else has taken the Paleo 30 Day Challenge and experienced results? Let us know how you’ve been doing on using the paleo diet for weight loss, comment below!!

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